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Oil pulling

For a long time I wanted to write a post on this topic, some time ago I did gargles for a long time, having read useful recommendations. And now with pleasure resumed, I will tell you why it is good.
Rinsing your mouth with oil is an Ayurvedic topic, well, Hindus like to oil everything, it's understandable. What's good for us?

🌀 Gargling with oil in the morning after sleeping is great for sanitising the oral cavity and generally revitalising the body.
🌀 oil pulling whitens teeth and strengthens gums
〽️ A lot of bacteria and microorganisms are in our mouths (especially after sleeping) and oil pulls them out perfectly. The biofilm that the microorganisms are covered with is lipophilic and attracted by the same lipids/fats (and oil is made up of just that)))
Including the bacteria that causes tooth decay
🌀 Oil is a great "transport" for essential oils (essential oils do not dissolve in water), and by dropping 2-3 drops of essential oil into a spoonful of oil we can be even more effective on bacteria, for example if you have a sore throat.
〽️ How to gargle?
🥥 Optimally use sesame oil (unrefined) or coconut oil (cold pressed), you can use them 50/50
🥄 In the morning before brushing your teeth, take 1-2 teaspoons of oil (my coconut oil is usually hard in the morning, so I take 1 teaspoon "with a slide"), someone uses 1 tablespoon, adjust for yourself, it should be a noticeable amount, but not so that you can not fit in your mouth and you can not "race" it inside the mouth
🍋 It would be great if you add 2 drops of tea tree or lemon essential oil (or 1 drop of each) to a spoonful of oil, mix with the oil is a must. These essential oils have antiviral and antibacterial properties, and lemon is also whitening)
❗️ If you have a sore throat you can make such gargles with oil and essential oils several times a day, and the throat will quickly go away! Just use good quality essential oils, don't buy them at the pharmacy! ❗️
🤭 Rinse your mouth (race the oil back and forth in your mouth) for 5-10 minutes, you can go up to 15. The oil will turn white and seem to increase in volume) then spit it out into the toilet or bin (not the sink) and brush your teeth as normal.
It's cool to make this a daily ritual and do it all the time
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