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How to take baths with essential oils

❗️ A minute on the importance of safety precautions when using essential oils in water:
🔺 essential oil is lipophilic-hydrophobic (it literally "runs" from water to wherever it goes: on you, your skin and mucous membranes!) and does not dissolve in water
🔺 to dissolve em in the bath we need an emulsifier: liquid shower gel, shampoo, hydrophilic oil, polysorbate, vegetable oil (it will dissolve em, but it will not dissolve in water),
🔺 salt (as well as sugar and honey) is not an emulsifier in this case!!!! The salt will dissolve and the em will remain on the surface of the water
🔺 essential oil in its pure form can irritate the skin and mucous membranes very strongly, especially in hot water.
❤️ So how do I use essential oils in the bath?
🛁 We take 5-10 drops of emem and in proportion of 1/4 mix it with shower gel or liquid soap with a spoon in a glass jar.
🛁 add the mixture to the filled bath and immerse ourselves in it for 10-15 mins.
🔥 What's in it for us?
🤤 relaxation of the whole body and mind.
👊🏻 muscle pain relief
👃🏻 doubles the impact on the respiratory tract.
🤗 improved blood circulation
😏 detox
😍 peace and calm comes into your head

Of course, depending on the purpose, we tailor the emetics as well.
For example,
🌲 conifer, eucalyptus, tea tree are good for the respiratory tract,
🌸 lavender, geranium are relaxing and also good for infections,
🍊 orange, lemon, bergamot - lymphatic drainage and also sanitising the upper respiratory tract. Lemon and bergamot are stimulating and invigorating (you can drip them on the tiles in the shower in the morning), and orange is better in the evening)

But in general, if you like any aroma of em, then do not worry about its properties, take a bath with it, it means that your body requires it now) but it is important not to exceed the dosage and be sure to dissolve in something!

❗️ Some emetics have a special irritating ability for the skin. Such as, bay, cumin, cinnamon, clove, lemongrass, peppermint, etc. It is best not to use them for baths at all.
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