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How to use essential oils to calm yourself down

Hello, friends!

The ways of using essential oils to correct psychological conditions are quite extensive. Choose the one that is available to you. And available essential oils from the list above.
1.Breathe in essential oils - the inhalation route is present in almost any method of application, but usually when we talk only about it, it is:

diffuser or aroma lamp switched on in the room you are in (if there are no devices, pour hot/almost boiling/water into a soup bowl and drip into it)

Dosages: 2-3 drops per 5 square metres, 30-40 minutes, 2-3 times a day

inhalation from a vial

Dosages: 3-5 slow inhalations several times a day

Inhalation from a napkin (paper or cotton) or cotton disc

Dosage: 3-4 drops (depends on the oil, you may need less).

aroma bath (here both through the skin and warm steam helps well with inhalation)

Dosages: in a full warm bath add 5-10 drops (pre-mixed with shower gel or shampoo). Do not peppermint, cinnamon, and a number of other oils that irritate the mucosa
2.Apply to the skin (i.e. transdermal route + inhalation)

Aroma massage (give yourself a pleasant body massage)

Dosages: depend on the oil, but in general - 5-6 drops per 1 tbsp of base oil (whatever you have: coconut, sesame, avocado, rice, even olive oil).

face massage (here I would choose oils more precisely, you can write me in comments what you have, I will tell you the dosage for the skin and can/can not).
palm inhalation

Dosages: the same as for massage, apply to palms, rub and bring to the face - inhale.

Accupuncture points (I will write separately, just yesterday there was a broadcast Tiffany Carol - the creator of the method of aroma-acupuncture - gave a protocol for working with the current situation (fear, guilt, other emotions).
3.Meditations with essential oils.

I would single out this item separately, because there are also many ways to use it.
✅ you can switch on a diffuser or aroma lamp with immersive oils during meditation.
✅ breathe from the palms of your hands before meditation
✅ apply on the body - chakra projections (necessarily in dilution with base oil).

🔆 If you have 2-3 oils from the list, it's great to make a blend of oils. But if only one, that's great too.
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