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Complex for posture and beautiful neck

Watch the workout here!
I finally got my shoulder pain sorted out! 🥳 Hopefully permanently)🤞🏻

For the last few months, my shoulder started hurting after sleeping, apparently due to static positioning. There's no linking it to lifting my shoulder and sitting at the computer🤔

Turned out to be "chewed" fascia in the joint, found and helped остеопат👍🏻

But during this time the trapezius, which was in spasm, shortened and I decided to take my complex for shoulders and posture and perform it daily for 14-30 дней🧘🏼‍♀️

I want to share this workout with вами❤️ So that I will not be bored and it will be useful for you)

This complex tidies up the withers, opens up the shoulders, lengthens the neck 🦢

Lightweight but powerful!
Who's with me? ☺️
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