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Aromatherapy against viruses

Let me tell you right away, there is no evidence base for treating coronavirus (COVID-19) specifically with essential oils. It will not be available for a long time, even if someone did it right now, it takes time to conduct and publish a study.
What we do have, though, is research on many strains of influenza, and we can assume with a high (imho) probability that it will work for the new combination virus as well.
So, a list of ems that have been shown to be effective against flu viruses:

🌱 Cinnamon (bark)*'-.
🌱 Tea tree
🌱 Majorana
🌱 Sage nutmeg
🌱 Anise
🌱 Ylang-ylang
🌱 Rosemary
🌱 Eucalyptus globulus/- 🌱 Eucalyptus sphericalis/
🌱 Thyme
And there are also studies on coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and here have shown efficacy:
🌿 Sage medicinal- (neurotoxic em, dosage 0.1-0.5%, do not use alone for children, people prone to seizures, pregnant/gf)
🌿 Laurel*/.
☝🏻 It should be clarified here that not always studies can be directly extrapolated to home use. There are very few clinical studies directly on humans, often there are in vitro studies on tissue pieces and giant dosages. And yet, we have reason to expect such an effect from em, applied at home.
🤲🏻 How to use? As inhalations, aromavannas, rubs, gargles, gargles, nasal passages, applications, etc. For aroma lamps and diffusers do not dilute, for topical application must be diluted in oil.
Aromatherapy is not about "more is better and more effective". It's just the opposite - it's very easy to do harm with large dosages.
📌 Limitations on emetics:
'*toxic ems, restrictions for topical application 0.1-0.5%, do not use on their own for children;
'may cause skin irritation, dosage must be followed;
/with caution for children under 5 years of age due to 1.8-cineole, which may provoke an upper airway constriction reaction;
- contraindicated in pregnant women and during breastfeeding.

🔴 I draw your attention to the dangers of using essential oils internally ❗️ without the supervision of a specialist. I urge you to be careful about your health and not to do it just on someone's recommendation, if you do not clearly understand what processes will occur in the body.

P.S. A distributor is NOT equal to a specialist
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