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Chakras and aromatherapy

1️⃣ Root Chakra
🎯 Located in the sacrum or perineum area (differently labelled)
Responsible for stability, support, steadiness, confidence
In the body, responsible for the health of the skeleton, legs, intestines.
🌱 Vetiver, nard, patchouli, myrrh.
✔️ Earthing, grounding, grounding underfoot, ability to stand firmly on one's feet
2️⃣ Sacral chakra
🎯 Pelvic organs, point 5cm from pubic bone
Femininity, sexuality, self-acceptance, fascination
In the body - uterus, kidneys, pancreas, spleen
🌱 Jasmine sambac, sandalwood, tuberose.
✔️ Unlocks sexual energy, allows femininity to emerge, acceptance of self
3️⃣ Solar Plexus
🎯 Between navel and ribs.
Personality, self-confidence, confidence, trust, ability to enjoy oneself, respect oneself and others, know moderation
In the body - liver, stomach, gall bladder.
🌱 Palmarosa, juniper, cardamom, ginger.
✔️ Help digest the experience, situation, connect the head to the senses
4️⃣ Heart Chakra
🎯 In the centre of the chest between the mammary glands
Love of self and others, emotions, boundaries, friendship
In the body - heart, lungs, bronchi
🌱 Rose, ylang-ylang, neroli, melissa, jasmine, bergamot.
✔️ Soften the heart, relax, bring you back to the present moment, help you hold boundaries, show self-love
5️⃣ throat chakra
🎯 Jugular fossa or cadic area
Self-expression, communication, self-realisation, creativity, truthfulness.
In the body - throat, thyroid, neck, shoulders, face, teeth
🌱 Blue firkin, marjoram, blue chamomile (German), myrrh
✔️ Removes stuck energy from aggression and frustration, unspoken words, helps creativity, self expression
6️⃣ Third Eye
🎯 Between the eyebrows
Intuition, inner vision, attitudes, principles, focus and determination
🌱 Frankincense, rosemary, peppermint, juniper.
✔️ Open vision, help focus, process negative attitudes
7️⃣ Venus Chakra
🎯 Nape
Self-identity, awareness, wholeness, mindset
Responsible for mental health, spirituality
🌱 Rosemary, caeput, rose, frankincense, wormwood, cedarwood, sandalwood
✔️Открывают energy flow, connect with the higher self

Use all essential oils for spot application at a dilution of 10-15%. Choose the one you like or respond to the most)
Apply with a light touch and hold for 2-3 minutes until you want to remove your hand.
You can work on 1-3 points per day, either on your own or in meditation (for example, I apply before or during meditation on the chosen 1-2 points, I like it that way).
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