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Immortelle essential oil

(Helichrysum italicum).

☀️ Italian Immortelle is a sun-loving plant that grows in arid areas.
It gets its name from the fact that its flowers remain bright yellow even after drying)
A unique essential oil that is tropic to the skin.
Heals wounds, skin damage, bruises, haematomas, bruises, works with couperosis, vascularity, treats acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, works with scars and age related skin damage.
🤤 The essential oil has a sunny, sweet green scent that gives off hay.
🧴 The demand for immortelle essential oil is so high among cosmetic companies, and the supply of a really cool product is low, that the price flies higher and higher)

🏝 The immortelle from Corsica is most valued.

❤️ I have immortelle in my hyaluronic serum) and in my anti-ageing cream) I also love massage oil with it 🥰
Anyway, you get the picture, you can and should use it everywhere)

🔆 While I still have corsican beauty, you can order a sun cream with unique properties for the skin💞
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